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Collectes de fonds des lycéens | High Schoolers fundraising
Collectes de fonds des lycéens | High Schoolers fundraising

High school students organized four fundraising this year. Here are the details and the results of their hard work:



The club "Rochambeau for UNICEF" organized several fundraising events again this year: aTrick or Treat fundraising, a Movie Night for students, and a sale of Xmas cards. The money collected, $ 776, was sent to UNICEF for the purchase of vaccines for children in underdeveloped countries.

Thank you Camille Jouane and Zelewit Molla for all your hard work, and your solidarity!



A group of seniors organized a fundraising to help children in underdeveloped countries. Once a week, they sold donuts, and raised $ 279 for the organization "Smile Train", which provides surgeries for children with a cleft palate.

Thank you Jasmine Wong, Juliette Hart, Oiane Badre, Kenza Ammar, Sophie Ehrlich-Adam, Annabelle Piot, Adèle Roulmann, Philip Najjar, Rita Raghay, Renaud Chailloux and Basil Hart for your dedication and your generosity!



For the second year, a class of 10th graders collected funds among themselves to help feed orphans in Africa. They raised $ 375 for the organization "Gogo Grandmothers", which provides food for malnourished children in Malawi.

Thank you Anne-Sophie Jeanty for this initiative, and all the Seconde 3 students for their generosity and their solidarity!



The club "the Culture Clique" organized a fundraising, selling chips twice a week last winter. These 10th graders wanted to organize a cultural event in the spring. With the school lockdown, and the pandemic hitting close to home, they decided to be part of the COVID19 relief effort. Thus, the money raised, $ 203, was sent to the Capital Area Food Bank, which is part of the organization "Feeding America".

Thank you Farida Njapdounke , Fatma Raghani, and Anne-Sophie Jeanty for your generosity and your solidarity in the time of the pandemic.


I want to salute all these students who worked silently, but continuously, to make our world a better place. 

Thank you!

Marie-Claude Genovese
Attachée d'Education , Community Service Coordinator

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