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Collectes de fonds des lycéens | High Schoolers fundraising
Collectes de fonds des lycéens | High Schoolers fundraising

High school students organized four fundraising this year. Here are the details and the results of their hard work:



The club "Rochambeau for UNICEF" organized several fundraising events again this year: aTrick or Treat fundraising, a Movie Night for students, and a sale of Xmas cards. The money collected, $ 776, was sent to UNICEF for the purchase of vaccines for children in underdeveloped countries.

Thank you Camille Jouane and Zelewit Molla for all your hard work, and your solidarity!



A group of seniors organized a fundraising to help children in underdeveloped countries. Once a week, they sold donuts, and raised $ 279 for the organization "Smile Train", which provides surgeries for children with a cleft palate.

Thank you Jasmine Wong, Juliette Hart, Oiane Badre, Kenza Ammar, Sophie Ehrlich-Adam, Annabelle Piot, Adèle Roulmann, Philip Najjar, Rita Raghay, Renaud Chailloux and Basil Hart for your dedication and your generosity!



For the second year, a class of 10th graders collected funds among themselves to help feed orphans in Africa. They raised $ 375 for the organization "Gogo Grandmothers", which provides food for malnourished children in Malawi.

Thank you Anne-Sophie Jeanty for this initiative, and all the Seconde 3 students for their generosity and their solidarity!



The club "the Culture Clique" organized a fundraising, selling chips twice a week last winter. These 10th graders wanted to organize a cultural event in the spring. With the school lockdown, and the pandemic hitting close to home, they decided to be part of the COVID19 relief effort. Thus, the money raised, $ 203, was sent to the Capital Area Food Bank, which is part of the organization "Feeding America".

Thank you Farida Njapdounke , Fatma Raghani, and Anne-Sophie Jeanty for your generosity and your solidarity in the time of the pandemic.


I want to salute all these students who worked silently, but continuously, to make our world a better place. 

Thank you!

Marie-Claude Genovese
Attachée d'Education , Community Service Coordinator

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Le mardi 28 novembre, c’est l’occasion pour vous de rejoindre le mouvement mondial et démontrer que les fêtes de fin d'année peuvent être l'occasion de donner et de recevoir. Le #GivingTuesday rassemble des organisations caritatives, des entreprises et des particuliers du monde entier pour montrer que le monde donne autant qu'il reçoit. Chaque année, les gens attendent le #GivingTuesday pour donner directement à des organisations de manière significative, avec un impact local.  Les dons caritatifs aux établissements d'enseignement sont la troisième source de dons aux États-Unis.  Faites passer le mot à vos familles, à vos amis et à vos communautés, qui pourraient également être intéressés par soutenir notre école.

On Tuesday, November 28,  you can join the worldwide movement and demonstrate that the holiday season can be about both giving and giving back. #GivingTuesday unifies charities, businesses, and individuals from across the globe to show that the world gives as good as it gets. Every year, people wait for #GivingTuesday to give directly to organizations in a way that is meaningful, with a local impact.  Charitable donations to educational institutions is the third largest source of giving in the United States.  Spread the word among your families and friends and communities, who may also be interested in supporting our school.

Joyeux Thanksgiving à notre famille Rochambeau ! Happy Thanksgiving from Rochambeau

Happy Thanksgiving from Rochambeau - Message from Hélene Fabre, Executive Director

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Dans le cadre du mois d'octobre consacré à la prévention du harcèlement scolaire, Rochambeau a lancé un concours d'affiches auprès de ses élèves du secondaire.

As part of our October Bullying Prevention Month, Rochambeau launched a poster competition among its Secondary students.