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Celebrating Black History Month at Rochambeau

Celebrating Black History Month at Rochambeau
Celebrating Black History Month at Rochambeau

February is Black History Month, and as the month comes to a close, we want to recognize the some of the ways that our students and staff celebrated!

Primary School 

CP - Diversity Between You and I

CP students explored similarities and differences among their classmates as a way to celebrate diversity. Students worked with a partner to compare their physical traits. Then they wrote about each other and illustrated what they discovered. 

CM2B - Mini-Biographies

The CM2B class took a look at some accomplished American and international historical figures from the African Diaspora. Research and mini-biographies were conducted and written in French and English. See if you can find a name you’ve never heard before!

Secondary School 

CDI - Celebrating Black History Month through Knowledge

The CDI hosted a Black History Month Exhibition created by the students of the Africa Hope Club in order to highlight the accomplishments of figures who are often unseen. Four different exhibits, a video on racial stereotypes, and audio versions of 8 poems (Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes) were featured.  

6eme - Celebrating Alvin Ailey's Dance Troupe

The 6th-grade students went to the Kennedy Center to see the Alvin Ailey Contemporary Dance Company's performance. Students were especially impressed with the dancers' synchronization and the set design's richness. The excerpts performed were from some of the company's best productions.

Thanks to parents (Mr. Chemla, Mrs. Goldsztein, Mr. Gujda, and Mrs. Akhazzan) for helping accompany our 80 students!

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